QCamPro Monitoring

QCamPro runs on your iOS or Android device and allows you to self monitor your home or business surveillance system with push notifications so you always know when an event occurs. With support for MxPEG and two-way audio in MOBOTIX cameras, it is also the perfect companion app to the MOBOTIX T25 DoorStation and S15M Intercom.

Business Premises Security

How many times have you had to send the patrol company (or get out of bed yourself) to check an alarm that has been falsely triggered?

QCamPro watches your business premises when you can’t be there. The service sends you a push notification when it detects activity (a sensor disturbance, doorbell ringing or triggered alarm etc). This gives you the opportunity to login to the camera to see what has triggered the system in real time. If your cameras are speaker equipped, you can use two-way voice communication to deter intruders, instruct delivery drivers where to leave packages or speak to potential clients.

The service will also automatically record the activity, giving you the peace of mind that should the worst happen, you have quality HD footage of the event.

Key features:

  • Professional High Quality IP Camera App suited to all applications including security
  • Live monitoring of video and audio across both 3G, 4G and wireless speak to camera function
  • Frame rates as high as 25 frames per second can be achieved depending on the camera and network configuration
-PTZ controls
  • Native IOS controls (multi touch zoom, swipe, etc)
  • Single, and multi view of cameras, including a 16 camera view
  • Cameras can be assigned to groups for convenience
  • No Limit on the number of Cameras or Views that can be monitored
  • Three actions can be configured to open doors, switch lights etc
  • All Mobotix camera models are supported, including the T24, Q24, M24 and the S14
  • Playback of recorded video and audio
  • Import and Export Settings using ITunes file sharing
  • Receive Push Notifications for Camera Events using our QCamPro Event Monitoring Service